Lynn Amarnick, a Philadelphia-based artist and commercial photographer, creates images that get to her subjects' emotional core. She realizes that in order to create an engaging photo, it is necessary to make her subjects feel comfortable. Her photojournalistic style, and her ability to capture authentic, candid shots, allows her to document moments that clients will save, and pass on forever.
Each year, Lynn takes a break from her commercial schedule to volunteer as the event photographer for the annual holiday carnival sponsored by Rubye's Kids, a non-profit organization committed to providing under-privileged children with holiday gifts and joy.

Artist's Statement
I have two paths. When I'm out in the street, with camera in hand, I never know what I'm going to respond to.
But then there's the other path... my camera has got to follow my heart, and my heart tends to be most attracted to those magical sparks that people only display when they're in their most comfortable environment. The exhilarating thing is that if I'm really aware, I'll be lucky enough to catch a tiny spark or two before they all too quickly disappear. Do any of us really know the "other"? That is what I'm working for!
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